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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Singing "Away in a Manger"

Tonight I have this big singing thing and I have to sing "Away in a Manger". "Away in a Manger" has three verses. I like the last part and it goes like this:

And fit us for heaven,
to live with you there.

I'm really scared because everybody is going to watch. It's going to be at the church and first class through sixth class are going to be there. And my mom and dad and Calvin. I think its going to go really well. I think everybody is going to sing very, very good. I think in a few hours we're going to go to the church.

I'll report back after the concert...

...and we're back.

The concert went very good. It only took an hour. Everybody was really nice and there was so many people there. We had to go through a big crowd to go home. After the concert, there was this play that I didn't know about and it had singing in it and it was really pretty.

The end.

the green birdy

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