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I am 12 years old. I am from California but I live in Ireland right now. I love writing and I am random and I love traveling!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Blarney Castle!

Hi! I went to Blarney Castle yesterday. Blarney Castle is in Cork and Cork is a really wonderful place to live, stay or visit. You have to wake up so early and take this huge train that goes super-duper-duper-duper fast. Because Cork is a long way from Dublin, yes indeedy!

The main reason I went to Blarney Castle was I got to kiss the Blarney Stone! The Blarney stone is just a big rock, but its not just a rock, its also a stone! And the whole castle is made of stones. You would want to kiss it because it would give you good luck - it gives you the gift of Blarney too - blarney is like bologna. I didn't really kiss the stone, when no one was looking I blew a kiss to it. It was weird that my Mom kissed it, because it was upside down.

I took lots of pictures at Blarney Castle. There was The Witches Kitchen, a big big fireplace made of rock. Its not in the castle, its on the grounds. I saw this chair, that was made out of a tree stump and a block of wood and its all glued together like this:

The Wishing Steps are around the castle and you go through this little passageway - its cool! You make a wish while you walk up these steps and my brother wished he was rich. I wished for a pony. I did not get a pony. and Calvin did not get rich so the Wishing Steps aren't real - when you make a wish, it doesn't come true.

I ate really good food at this pub, not bar, pub. Pubs are places where you can drink beer and have some food. I did not drink beer, I am too young. My daddy drank beer, my mommy drank beer, and Jacob drank beer and Grandpa drank beer, and that was it. But lots of people drank beer! They drank Guinness.

The train was super fast because we really wanted to get there but it took two whole hours. I ate a croissant, and played poker and I taught Jacob and Rachael how to play garbage. And I made up a new game thats called spinahat.

It was a good day but I never want to go back while its raining.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Singing "Away in a Manger"

Tonight I have this big singing thing and I have to sing "Away in a Manger". "Away in a Manger" has three verses. I like the last part and it goes like this:

And fit us for heaven,
to live with you there.

I'm really scared because everybody is going to watch. It's going to be at the church and first class through sixth class are going to be there. And my mom and dad and Calvin. I think its going to go really well. I think everybody is going to sing very, very good. I think in a few hours we're going to go to the church.

I'll report back after the concert...

...and we're back.

The concert went very good. It only took an hour. Everybody was really nice and there was so many people there. We had to go through a big crowd to go home. After the concert, there was this play that I didn't know about and it had singing in it and it was really pretty.

The end.

the green birdy

Monday, December 18, 2006

My Cousins

Max is my cousin. And Olivia. And then there is a new member of the family, his name is called Masonnnnnnnnn! Mason is three months old. I have not met him because I'm in Ireland still. I have seen pictures of him and I think he looks very cute. Soon he will be four months old.

Then lets go on to Olivia. She is a really cute girl. She is almost going to be five and I usually play with her when I was back home. We liked to play fairies and mermaids. So we are fairies and mermaids and we can turn into a fairy by just clapping our hands and same for mermaids. We jump around and it's really fun and we go on fairy and mermaid adventures. Sometimes we have to search through the sea to get a water crystal and sometimes we have to go look for fish that are the same and if we see one the same we win a point! And when we're on dry land and we really fly we sometimes have to get the air crystal and match up small fairies and then we get a point. We like to play dress up.

And then we'll go on to Max. Max likes Star Wars, and he likes to play with me. We usually just hang out and play some cards, liiiiiiiiiike um War and Garbage. He usually plays with my brother who I blogged about last time I did a person. He plays Star Wars with Calvin and Calvin likes to say "Old world ahead!" and then me and Olivia comes in and says "Be quiet! We are trying to have a beauty pageant!" and then we go out and then they make lots of noise again.

My Aunt Maggie, she has blond hair and its straight, and she is kind and beautiful just like my mom. Her cooking is very good! Once I went to their house to have dinner with them and I forgot what they made but it was really great. She is married to Uncle Gregry. Uncle Gregry is an expert and Star Wars and Revenge of the Sith and Revenge of the Jedi. He's really good at video games like my brother.

Thanks for comments Debbie and Sofia and April and Gramma and Mom and Dad. Those comments made me feel really happy inside aaaaaaaand thank you!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Howth is a beautiful place. I really like this playground there. They have this big wheel and you sit on it and then it twirls around. You just go in a little circle! An then there is this thing and you sit on it and it shakes and wiggles and it can be so much fun - and it can hold three or four people on it.

There is a bookstore, and its really cool. They have all these grownup books and a few Simpsons books. Howth is a good place to go, if you are in Ireland. We went to this little pub called the Abbey Tavern and we ate chicken gougons and chips with some ice cream and I had chocolate and vanilla. It was very fun. Howth is really really cool. They have all this really cool stuff. At the bookstore there was... before.. it was rebuilt... there were pictures of before it was rebuilt. It looked like, no roof - just like, little things and it was all rocky and it would be a very bad place to live.

Every day I open one little box that has a chocolate in an advent calender. The chocolate is either bumpy or smooth. At the end when I'm all done with the advent calender, then, it will be Christmas! Christmas is really really fun. At Christmas time, our family opens presents and we have this big Christmas tree and it has lots of ornaments and I got one ornament of a puppy from school and its name is Pikachu. I like to name it that. Pikachu. I love Puppies! I really like it in a movie when a dog chases a cat. Its really silly.

Cats are really really cute and fluffy. I don't like them as much as dogs. Dogs are more playful than cats. And cats just walk around and be lazy, but dogs are really playful and they jump up and you could play ball with them. It's just really fun.

Friday, December 15, 2006

My Brother

My brother is autistic. He can still talk, but he has a little trouble talking. Annnnd my brother is cool and silly. Once, when I was a little kid, he bounced his head like a basketball on the floor. It was really funny.

I like to watch TV (or telly) with him. We like to watch Star Wars together and when I get scared in the movies he hugs me and I feel better.

We fight a little but it all calms down soon. Our favorite character in Star Wars is Darth Vader because he does *hooooo* *heeeeee* *hooooo* *heeeee* breathes really hardly. Jellyface is nine years old, and he is older than me. He likes to talk like the tv (or telly).

Its really cool how he does sound effects. My brother loves pizza and chicken, and he really likes fizzy drinks.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

My First Post

I really like making friends. I love pink. and purple. hehe.

I like math because I just like the numbers. I reeeeeeeally love puppies but I do NOT have a puppy. I play with puppies at my cousins house and they have a dog named Oscar. I love playing with my cousins. I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally miss them because I'm in Ireland.

Want to watch me paint a bird? Click HERE!

Here is some writing I did today:

I have friends in Ireland.
Ireland is a good place to go.
While you are there, you should go to Italy, London and France.
and other places.

In Ireland, the people are very very nice and cool.
There is good chocolate here. Very good chocolate.