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Monday, December 18, 2006

My Cousins

Max is my cousin. And Olivia. And then there is a new member of the family, his name is called Masonnnnnnnnn! Mason is three months old. I have not met him because I'm in Ireland still. I have seen pictures of him and I think he looks very cute. Soon he will be four months old.

Then lets go on to Olivia. She is a really cute girl. She is almost going to be five and I usually play with her when I was back home. We liked to play fairies and mermaids. So we are fairies and mermaids and we can turn into a fairy by just clapping our hands and same for mermaids. We jump around and it's really fun and we go on fairy and mermaid adventures. Sometimes we have to search through the sea to get a water crystal and sometimes we have to go look for fish that are the same and if we see one the same we win a point! And when we're on dry land and we really fly we sometimes have to get the air crystal and match up small fairies and then we get a point. We like to play dress up.

And then we'll go on to Max. Max likes Star Wars, and he likes to play with me. We usually just hang out and play some cards, liiiiiiiiiike um War and Garbage. He usually plays with my brother who I blogged about last time I did a person. He plays Star Wars with Calvin and Calvin likes to say "Old world ahead!" and then me and Olivia comes in and says "Be quiet! We are trying to have a beauty pageant!" and then we go out and then they make lots of noise again.

My Aunt Maggie, she has blond hair and its straight, and she is kind and beautiful just like my mom. Her cooking is very good! Once I went to their house to have dinner with them and I forgot what they made but it was really great. She is married to Uncle Gregry. Uncle Gregry is an expert and Star Wars and Revenge of the Sith and Revenge of the Jedi. He's really good at video games like my brother.

Thanks for comments Debbie and Sofia and April and Gramma and Mom and Dad. Those comments made me feel really happy inside aaaaaaaand thank you!


Lady Jane said...

Nice one, Greer.

Deborah said...

Wow you are a blogging machine!!

Sofia said...
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