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Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Blarney Castle!

Hi! I went to Blarney Castle yesterday. Blarney Castle is in Cork and Cork is a really wonderful place to live, stay or visit. You have to wake up so early and take this huge train that goes super-duper-duper-duper fast. Because Cork is a long way from Dublin, yes indeedy!

The main reason I went to Blarney Castle was I got to kiss the Blarney Stone! The Blarney stone is just a big rock, but its not just a rock, its also a stone! And the whole castle is made of stones. You would want to kiss it because it would give you good luck - it gives you the gift of Blarney too - blarney is like bologna. I didn't really kiss the stone, when no one was looking I blew a kiss to it. It was weird that my Mom kissed it, because it was upside down.

I took lots of pictures at Blarney Castle. There was The Witches Kitchen, a big big fireplace made of rock. Its not in the castle, its on the grounds. I saw this chair, that was made out of a tree stump and a block of wood and its all glued together like this:

The Wishing Steps are around the castle and you go through this little passageway - its cool! You make a wish while you walk up these steps and my brother wished he was rich. I wished for a pony. I did not get a pony. and Calvin did not get rich so the Wishing Steps aren't real - when you make a wish, it doesn't come true.

I ate really good food at this pub, not bar, pub. Pubs are places where you can drink beer and have some food. I did not drink beer, I am too young. My daddy drank beer, my mommy drank beer, and Jacob drank beer and Grandpa drank beer, and that was it. But lots of people drank beer! They drank Guinness.

The train was super fast because we really wanted to get there but it took two whole hours. I ate a croissant, and played poker and I taught Jacob and Rachael how to play garbage. And I made up a new game thats called spinahat.

It was a good day but I never want to go back while its raining.

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Deborah said...

Guinness is awesome-so awesome that you get to wait many moons to try it BUT at least you got to see the Blarney Castle. I am super impressed that you made it up the stairs to see your mom kiss the stone-it scared the heck out of me to walk up there....Good job Green Birdy!