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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

School Project

This week including next week, well, SOME of next week I have a project for my homework. Instead of writing work, I'm doing a project about me with my history, my future, my favorites - like scrapbooking sort of. I have to write it in my own handwriting and put pictures on it and I get to use some of my mom's scrapbooking stuff!

In other news, my favorite colors are yellow, red, blue, pink, purple, yellow, turquoise, green, violet, indigo, aqua, beige, black, gold, silver, and white. I DO NOT like dark dark dark dark purple or gray or brown. I do not like light green, light brown, dark brown, or dark beige. It's weird. To me light green is the worst color in the world because it tries to be yellow.

Im looking forward to going to Venice and Paris and the USA soon! USA oooo ooo oooo USAAAAAAAAAYAY! In Venice I want to see the Carnival. In Paris I want to see the Eiffel Tower of Pisa. In the US I want to see new baby boys Markus and Mason!


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Deborah said...

I must take issue with this post....I am not a fan of pink-despite Barbie's love for the pink. I am a bit of a pink hater but can appreciate your love for the pink.

In other comments....I am so excited for you and the trips-I might add that I am jealous too. I will settle for hearing about your travel adventures on the blog...make your parental unit take lots o pictures and HAVE FUN!!