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Monday, February 26, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me

I got tagged by my mom so here I go:

1. My eyes can be different colors at the same time. Sometimes they can be green and sometimes one can be green and the other can be blue... and gray, blue and gray, gray and green...

2. I have a lot of nicknames: monkey, turkey, gigi, ginger snap, birdy, and g-liz.

3. I have four ugly toes. Cause I have chilblaines. Chilblaines are - oh I don't know. You can find out in Google.

4. I like almost ALL foods. I hate raw broccoli and olives. I love those little hoops that are made out of squid.

5. I look just like my father but not my mother. Except for me and my mother have blue eyes. My dad and I have the same chin, hair, nose and I don't have a beard.

6. Sometimes gymnastics makes me fart.*

Tag: Daddy!

*posted under duress by mom against better sense of decorum.


Deborah said...

Olives are soooooooooo gross!!! However, farting while doing gymnastics is AWESOME!

jules carpenter and sky carpenter said...

wow!! what a bunch of cool artwork!! I especially like "foot"........awesome!
I want to introduce you to my 11 year old daughter Sky.....she and I think your blog is cool!

Anonymous said...


Just a comment from "Uncle Sue"...I think your art work is beautiful. I spent my college years in art classes and I wish I had turned out some of the things you did at what 11? I love them. Keep up the good work, you have a lot of talent.

Anonymous said...

Hey Greer! This is your GREAT Aunt Barby! I am so glad that your mom let me know that you have this blog. It is so great to keep up with some of my favorite family even though you are so far away. My favorite of your artwork is "Sand". I so agree with you that it looks like the sand at sunset. I do love olives and I have grown to like Calimari (the circle squid things) - especially the calimari that I ate in Greece!