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Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Art

I was thinking of a lollypop when I was drawing this pic.
It is called bold color wind.

I have a little green car monster called.....well I for get his name but he is cute!

When I showed fhwrdh this pic he said "hellicopter!"

This is the one that my daddy (fhwrdh) absolutely loved!!

This one I made when my daddy was at work
so I had my mommy look at it and she said "devil" because in
 the pic she could see a devil!

The reason I named this pic sand is because I see the white part as scattered sand or sunset!

I got lazy with the names so I named this one bread!

I drew this especially for my daddy!

This one I see as a whale!


nomemine said...

Greer, these pictures are fantastic! Please keep them coming!
-Aunt Maggie

nomemine said...

Greer, these are wonderful! Keep them coming!
-Aunt Maggie

Debbie said...

Sand is awesome-well they are all pretty awesome but Sand is my favorite :) Keep on creating!

nomemine said...

Gosh, your art is amazing!From olipopart

Shauna said...

Very creative missy! Keep creating beautiful things! x Shauna

A Seasoned Traveler said...

I love these pictures! I see some Picasso, perhaps a bit of Dahli as well. Your pictures evoke a feeling instead of just being a photo of an object. I like that very much!