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Sunday, January 14, 2007


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At school this week I changed something. I moved art from Monday alllllll the way over to Wednesday. So now on Wednesday I have art, PE, and Computers! Thats all I get to do so it's the funnest day of the week!

So this is really weird; my teacher teaches art and PE, but not computers. In California they used three different teachers for that and my mom taught art. I like going to different teachers back in the USA. I'm really sad because I cant go back to Los Angeles yet.

I have lots of classmates. There is a girl that I DO NOT LIKE AT ALL. She is Miss Fancypants. She just bothers me. She bothers me on the playground and in class and in line. Everywhere I go she bothers me, she bothers me, she bo bo bothers me e e. I tell the teacher but it doesn't work. I asked to move seats once. The teacher said maybe. And then finally we moved seats...

right across from her AGAIN! Hmmmm. I did not invite her to my birthday pahhtaaaaay...
and my birthday's sooooooo ooooooon. It's next week! BYE!


Anonymous said...

Wish we could come to your birthday party too! Love Grandma Denise and Grandma Claire, and Rachael

Deborah said...

I am impressed that your teachers are able to teach mutiple classes-how dynamic!

As far as Ms. Fancypants-she is just jealous and in awe of how fab you are....just ignore her silliness and know that not everyone you meet is going to have a wonderful personality like you :)